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Missing, Stolen, Wanted, Crime Reports in Western Canada is intended to be a central point for news, press releases, notices and public service announcements. We focus on the four provinces in Western Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

IMPORTANT: Missing, Stolen, Wanted, Crime Reports in Western Canada and are not affiliated in any way with the RCMP, Crime Stoppers, nor any other law enforcement agencies. 

Our main goal is to provide a base from which important news can be shared by email and on Social Media.

Missing & Stolen – Whether it is a lost pet, a horse, vehicles or other stolen items, file your police report then submit the information to us and we will help you spread the word.

Missing Persons – Going a step beyond the typical missing persons articles, once a person if found the original article gets updated. Some news outlets chose to delete such articles once a person is found, however that leaves many people uninformed. Updated articles get a Facebook debug to ensure any further shares reflect the new information. All FB users need to do is refresh their share attachment on their original post and they shared with gets the recent news.

Wanted Criminals – Sourced from RCMP and Crimestoppers, Wanted notices are posted

Crime Reports – Very difficult to keep up with, however crime reports as we receive them from RCMP and local municipal police agencies, as well as Crimestoppers, will be posted

Viewing by location – you can view by province and refine that view with a search of you town name or by simply selecting to view all article from a town’s tag.


Wanted – Missing Persons – Crime Reports

Wanted criminals, missing persons, and crime reports are ONLY published when the RCMP or other authorities publish a press release or directly contact us.

If you wish to submit missing persons or crime reports, you need to indicate the authority name and detachment the report has been filed with so that we can verify a report has been filed and the information provided to us is suitable for media release. Understand that it is not always in the best interest of an ongoing investigation to reveal all the details and local law enforcement are the ones who determine what’s best, to which we do not question.

If you would like us to publish an article about crime that has already been reported you can submit them through our basic contact page. Please be sure to include information about which law enforcement agency it has been reported to so we can further research the issue.

Submit Suggestions here

Missing Animals – Vehicles – Stolen Items

If you have reported an animal, vehicle or other items stolen to law enforcement, you can submit the details including photographs to be publish for the purpose of spreading the word to help you find your lost pet, livestock, vehicles or personal belongings.

Submit your information using our form here

If you are a victim of a crime and you have not yet reported it to Law Enforcement please contact you local police. They can not help you if you don’t report it to them!!